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We provide professional differential services and repairs for all makes and models. We have state of the art diagnostic equipment to investigate common and complex differential problems such as:

  • Audible clunking or clanking noise while driving every few metres.
  • Audible clunking noise when cornering the vechicle.
  • Audible whinning noise when deaccelerating at any speed
  • Audible Whining noise when accelerating at any speed.
  • Audible rumbling noise as speed is increased.
  • To differentiate between wheel bearing, differential noise and sometimes tyre noise.
  • To set backlash for different differential gear ratios and lockers.

To avoid premature wear and tear, inspection and periodic quality service of differential, tail shaft, CV joints, universal and axle bearings with approved lubricants and proper spares is necessary. We use high grade synthetic lubricants and quality spares as required.

We have state of the art tooling, machines and equipment to assist us in:

  • Differential Repair / Rebuild / Shortening / Reconditioning
  • 9" Coneversion Specialist
  • LSD and Lockers installation
  • Cutom built Differentials
  • Cutom build tail shaft / Repair / Shortening
  • Tail shaft center bearing / CV joint / universal replacement.
  • Custom Built Axles
  • Axle splining / Straightening / Shortening
  • Axle bearing / wheel bearing / wheel hub replacements.